If you go offline, printer supplies can be expensive. 

You may not have the funds to buy inkjet / laser printing machines. Printing from iPhone, iPod and every other mobile smart phone was deemed difficult, but today, you can easily leverage on third-party apps to print.

As technology improved and every developer creating his printer apps, the problem now is how to choose the right printing app.

1.    1. PrinterShare App – the first mobile printing app I discovered is the sleek looking printershareYou’ve to register an account and install in on your Mac. Afterwards, specify the printer or printers you want to share. The beauty of this app is that you can specify paper size, get notified on jobs completed and encrypt before printing.
You can also set the default permissions which automatically download and print from approved users, or wait for approval, or remove and so forth.
PrinterShare is designed with features for remote printing, over the web, and it allows multiple users to use and print from the same machine remotely.
Interestingly, PrinterShare version 1.3.1 is compatible with various mobile phones like the iPad, and iPhone. Once you install it, you can easily print your files without hassle.
2.    ePrint App

This mobile app is owned by Microtech, a cute app that gives you the ability to
print from iPhone to printers when it’s connected to your local area network.

The app can detect the printer or you can type in the printer’s IP address and that’s it. ePrint has
the ability to print readable web pages and save bookmarks, carefully organize them and store
on folders.

The ePrint app also saves your browsing history; useful if you forgot to bookmark a page for printing. With ePrint, photos stored on iPhone library, can be printed. You can also print cards. 

The ePrint app is stable, fast and user-friendly.

To use this printer app on your iPad, you’ve to download and install version 3.3. What PrinterShare can do is to allow full resolution to provide better views and easier navigation on the screen and ePrint app can do likewise.

3.    3. DocPrinter – of all the printer apps for mobile phones, DocPrinter is more interactive, and works efficiently. With this app, you can print documents from iDisk accounts, WebDAV and FTP.

Even on a folder specified via the Mac-hosted WePrint server, printing is possible.
You can’t receive emails, but you can email bookmarked web pages, documents and photos from within the DocPrinter. Other great features of DocPrinter are the ability to export, create zip file, rename and do share documents with someone on the same network.

To save on printer ink cartridges and refill kits read my review and use the coupons of 4inkjets and 123inkjets here and here.

As a network device, you can set DocPrinter on your Mac Pac and use on LAN. From my Google docs account, I discovered how fast you can print spreadsheet and documents.
There you’ve it, the three essential printer-apps for your iPad and iPhone. I hope it works perfectly for you. See you ahead!