Google Drive is a cloud storage  for all Gmail/Google users.It gives a free 5GB online storage .We can save our Datas like Documents ,Images and Videos.Google drive software will create a new folder on our Computer.Which is located in your user folder/Desktop

For Example:

My name is Sibin,i give Sibin as my user name.I can access

Windows7 ( Local Disk C)—Users—Sibin —Google Drive  or
From Desktop

After installation it automatically Synchronize and download your Datas like Google Docs,but we  need internet connection to read files.It creates only a shortcut.One advatage of this application is,we can create many folders inside Google drive Folder.

Google drive free 5 GB storage

We can see a Google Drive Folder on Your Folder.This Folder also available in your Desktop.Drag your contents to this folder.It automatically sync and made available in cloud.

Google Drive Settings

How to Enable/Disable Google Drive Synchronization

As shown in figure select Preferences

You can Enable or Disable syncronization.If you enable sync then all files you drag from your computer to Google drive folder is also available in cloud.You can disable by untick sync.

You can Disable or Enable synchronization to each folder you created.

2.How to Buy More Storage

Click on Buy more.Upto 16 TB storage is available

Available Google drive packages

25 GB                ————- $2.49 per month
100 GB              ————–$4.49 per month
200 GB              ————–$9.99 per month
400 GB              ————–$19.99 per month
1 TB                  ————–$49.99 per month
2 TB                  ————–$99.99 per month
4 TB                  ————–$199.99 per month
8 TB                  ————–$399.99 per month
16 TB                ————–$799.99 per month