Golden Rules to Make Your Blog Popular

When we build a blog we do lot of things to make it the best one. To start with we choose the perfect name of it and then we select the good hosting provider of it. For our blog to make it appealing for the readers we apply the most popular theme on it. For search engines we optimized it with the best targeted keywords.
After building a blog a question arise it to make it popular, so that people know about it and visit it. All the efforts made for blog promotion should be made in right direction, as a little ignorance can lead to blog failure. Only making regular, interesting blog posts is not enough in blogging the second main part of the process is to make it popular.

So by following theses golden rules of blogging can give assured success for the blog:

Interesting but Appropriate Bog Name: Select a name for your blog which is easy to remember. It should not be too lengthy and complicated. But choose something which relates to your blog content. As boring blog names work as a obstacle in popularity of your blog.

User-friendly Blog Navigation: If a user comes to your blog and not able to move here and there i.e. it is difficult for him to navigate on blog then it leads the user to move out of the blog. It is a blog failure. So to overcome this keep your blog simple with easy and user friendly navigation bar. Make everything information available on the blog easy to accessible.

Do make consistent and interesting blog posts: Some bloggers fail to make regular posts due to other work. Treat your blogging as a full time work. Make at least one post every day. Post something interesting and informative for your readers. It only helps to connect readers to your blog but also makes it accessible for search engines.

Go for Ad Sense: Adding Google ad sense on your blog helps in increasing its popularity and also helps you to monetize your blog.

Participate in Commenting on other blogs: Every blogger should read other bloggers blog post also and comment on the ones they like. It increases the feel of being a part of a community. Also make the ones finding your comments interesting, visit your blog.

Allow Blog Commenting on Your Blog: Allow all your blog posts to have comments for the readers. It will help in leading a healthy discussion on the topic which makes users to come back on your blog for more interesting content.

Reply to Each Comment Personally: To make the visitors engage in your blog is by replying to each and every comment, question and query posted by them.

Make Your blog post error free: Before publishing your post double checks the formatting and any spelling mistake. The English, grammar should be perfect.

Make sure that the article is error-free: Before publishing any article, it is suggested that your article must be grammar free and without any spelling mistakes.

Post interesting and unique content: Do not just for the sake of making a post. Do it with a purpose of sharing some informative and constructive information with your readers. Also post unique content; do not copy from somewhere else.

Support your posts with interesting images: To break the monotony of text it is essential to add supportive images to your posts. It enhances the interest of the readers in the post.

Start a Contest on your blog: To increase the blogs popularity and engaging more readers start a contest on your blog. Like guest post contest and reward the winner. This will help in making your blog popular among the community and increase the visitors.

Do not Go On and On:
When we start writing we go on and on in molding our ideas and thoughts into words. But a reader will not be interested in reading such long blog posts. So try to be short and constructive. Convey your message in fixed length posts.

Make Use of RSS feeds: RSS feeds make the readers to pledge to content of blog. This can be made possible with Feedburner, email subscription and many others.

Offer Newsletter On Your Blog:
To increase popularity of your blog, it is worthwhile to introduce newsletter for your blog.

Share your blog on Social Networks:
Social Media is a popular platform for promotion. It is highly recommended to make a dedicated page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Post about your blogs latest post with tweet on twitter.
Follow these rules and make your blog popular.

Author: Jenny Simpson writes for Marina Del Rey Toyota. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about topics like social media, latest technology trends and other general stuff.