3 Ways to Funnel Targeted Audience to Your Blog 

Getting traffic to a blog has never been more crucial, as traffic is now going to define the level of success a blog will achieve. Traffic can help you increase the reputation and authority of your blog, and without these factors, a blog has a very slim chance of achieving success online. 
But so far, getting a lot of traffic to your blog is not the most important thing you need, but the most important thing is the value of the traffic you are getting to your blog.

Does it not surprise you why two blogs with the same amount of traffic will make different amount of sales? This is because the traffic both blogs get is of varied value. Valuable traffic comes from targeted sources, and this type of traffic is the one that will sell your product and help you make money online. And I’ll be sharing tips on how to gain such traffic to your blog in this blog post.

Direct Social Media Users to Your Blog

We all spend a reasonable amount of our time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, chatting, checking updates and doing some other things that take our time. But have you ever imagined the possibility of you getting those people that waste their time of facebook and twitter to your site?
If you are smart and dedicated to get targeted traffic to your blog, social media can serve as a great tool to funnel targeted audience to your blog. Of course, you must have a Facebook page for your blog and a perfect twitter account also.
Social media traffic has proven to be a great source of revenue for many businesses online, and you should not exempt yourself from those making money through social media.

Build a Mailing List

After getting people to start visiting your site/blog every day, it’s only fair that you advise them to sign-up for your mailing list so that they can get your updates consistently. Even if they are too busy and are not able to visit your blog regularly, you can always have them read your latest blog posts in their email without having to fret over visiting your site: this will benefit both you and your readers in that they don’t have to go through stress before getting the content they love to read, and you having the opportunity to retain your readers.
Attach importance to building your mailing today, and you can flourish your blogging career.

Offer Guest Posts

Finally you can funnel targeted traffic to your blog by offering guest posts to other bloggers. When you write quality articles for bloggers, you’ll be rewarded with backlinks to your blog in your author bio, and can build traffic from it. Guest blogging would also be a great tool to optimize your blog for search engine traffic.

Get all these tips right and implement it together with your other traffic generation techniques, and you’ll not only drive traffic to your blog but will also build a sustainable blogging career.

Author Bio

John Edget is a guest blogger for www.opendoorloan.co.uk where you can get payday loans faq.