Month: April 2012

Two Things You Should Look Out In a Good Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is a paramount aspect of running a successful blog.  If you don’t take time to research the right one, you may end up wasting a lot of money on monthly fee, renewals and transfers.  You can read an in-depth review of godaddy promo code 2011 and how it can help you achieve your hosting needs without spending so….

How to Download Google Drive-5GB Free Storage- Application

Google Drive is a cloud storage  for all Gmail/Google users.It gives a free 5GB online storage .We can save our Datas like Documents ,Images and Videos.Google drive software will create a new folder on our Computer.Which is located in your user folder/Desktop For Example: My name is Sibin,i give Sibin as my user name.I can access Windows7 ( Local Disk….

How Monitoring Your Children’s Online Activities Will Benefit You

Nowadays many parents don’t believe in putting a strong monitory eye on what their kids do, especially when it comes to the internet. But the fact remains that, more dangers lie in leaving young ones aloneto themselves with a computer that is equipped with the internet. Without necessarily telling, we all know how much the internet is infested with harmful things like….

Printing From iPad and iPhone – 3 Essential Printer Apps For Printing Documents

If you go offline, printer supplies can be expensive.  You may not have the funds to buy inkjet / laser printing machines. Printing from iPhone, iPod and every other mobile smart phone was deemed difficult, but today, you can easily leverage on third-party apps to print. As technology improved and every developer creating his printer apps, the problem now is….

Tips for Online Business Branding Success

Tips for Online Business Branding Success This is an era of internet and latest technologies which make all our work easy. From earning money, to building up the business online and to its promotion there are many opportunities available online. Social Media sites give opportunities to businesses to reach wider range of audience.But like everything comes with its positive and….

Social Media – Negative And Positive Impacts

Social Media – Negative And Positive Impacts Social networking portals and social media are taking the World Wide Web by storm. Social media sites are exceedingly useful and serve as an exceptional platform to interact with family members, friends or meeting new people and friends over the Internet. These social media portals are technologically advanced web interfaces that are offering….

Tips to improve SEO

Tips to improve SEO Every website needs SEO for getting better search engine result page positions. The sear4ch engine optimization techniques require proper execution. If you have a website and you want to see it at the top of the search results then you will have to make sure that you are using the right techniques. One of the important….

How to Enable Safe Searching or Parental control in Google search

How to Enable safe search in Google search /How to Enable Parental control in Google search result In our Internet world, 1000 of contents uoloaded every seconds,some may be harm to minor people some may offencieve.Google default search settings allow everything without any restriction.But we can change settings to help our childrens from offencieve contents. How to Enable parental control….

3 Ways to Funnel Targeted Audience to Your Blog

                            3 Ways to Funnel Targeted Audience to Your Blog  Getting traffic to a blog has never been more crucial, as traffic is now going to define the level of success a blog will achieve. Traffic can help you increase the reputation and authority of your blog, and without these factors, a blog has a very slim chance of achieving….

Golden Rules to Make Your Blog Popular

Golden Rules to Make Your Blog Popular When we build a blog we do lot of things to make it the best one. To start with we choose the perfect name of it and then we select the good hosting provider of it. For our blog to make it appealing for the readers we apply the most popular theme on….