Advanced utility ensuring complete Outlook mailbox recovery, following severe PST corruption

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used mail client, which comes within Microsoft Office suite and works as a personal information manager. Outlook stores emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar entries etc in a special type of file with .pst extension (PST file or Personal Storage Table file). Whatever, you see in your Outlook mailbox are stored inside a PST file. If by any means, this PST file gets corrupt, Outlook fails to retrieve any mail item from the file and thus the entire mailbox becomes inaccessible. For such situations, Stellar has come up with an advanced PST recovery utility, repair the corrupt PST file and recover all the mail items from it.

But, before coming onto repairing or recovering a troubled PST file, it is better to be aware of the reasons behind PST file corruption so that may be it can help preventing the corruption. Below are some of the most prominent causes behind PST corruption:

  • Being over-sized above 2 GB size limit (Outlook 2002 and previous versions)
  • Sharing of PSTs among network attached drives
  • Corruption of the file header due to virus infection/unexpected shut down/power outage
  • Interruption of any PST compaction process

In any of the above situations, there are ample chances of PST file corruption and thereby losing access to the Outlook mailboxes. In such cases, Microsoft suggests repairing the corrupt PST file using its inbuilt Outlook repair utility, the Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe. But, there are many situations, in which the PST file has been severely damaged, much beyond the normal level and can not be repaired using the Inbox Repair Tool.

In such occasions, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair utility can be proved immensely helpful in successfully recovering the inaccessible mail objects by repairing even the severe damaged PST file. The software has been programmed with many advanced algorithms and is efficient enough to recover your precious mail items, under any of the below erroneous situations, indicative of PST corruption:

  • Fatal Error: 80040900
  • Outlook.pst could not be found
  • Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file
  • Data error (cyclic redundancy check)
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040119
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040116
  • An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600
  • Messaging interface has caused an unknown error
  • Unable to display the folder, Outlook.pst could not be accessed, access denied
  • Filepath_filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check
  • Internal MAPI error: An invalid parameter was passed to a MAPI function. Contact your administrator
  • The operation failed due to a registry or installation problem. Restart Outlook and try again. If the problem persists, please reinstall

Outlook PST Repair is completely risk-free in its recovery approach and recovers the mail objects exactly in their original format. The software includes capabilities of repairing encrypted or password-protected PST files, deleted email recovery, selective mailbox recovery and saving the recovered PST file in any network-attached drive. Moreover, the software has interactive graphical user interfaces and is immensely easy to use, without any technical assistance.