5 Ways to Make Sure Your Guest Blog is Rejected
Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks to your blog and to improve your search ranking.  Posting on a quality blog with high traffic can help you divert some of that traffic back to your site. However, publishing a guest post on another blog is not a given. Most blog authors get requests for guest posts every day. There is no shortage of authors trying to get their posts published to promote their blogs. Setting yourself apart and ensuring that your post is accepted requires strategy and hard work. Here are 5 mistakes you should try to avoid when submitting your guest post for consideration — or 5 ways you can be sure that your guest post is rejected:
Don’t Get to Know the Blog Author
Many blog hosts are selective in their guest posts, and they won’t accept a submission from just anyone. They like to get to know the people before accepting them as guest posters. There are a lot of spammers on the Internet, and getting to know a guest poster is one way to be sure that the intention is not to sell a product. You can easily build a relationship with a blog author by regularly commenting on posts and responding to comments that the blog author leaves. Over time, the blog owner will get to know you, and you won’t seem like a total stranger when you pitch a guest post.

Don’t Read the Requirements
Most sites will list requirements for their guest posts, which can include a word count, information about pictures, number of links allowed, and other required information, such as a gravatar or a short synopsis of your blog. Failing to follow these requirements can be one of the easiest ways to get your post rejected. If guest post guidelines are not posted, ask for them before submitting.
Write Outside the Blog’s Niche
If you are submitting a guest post to a blog about making money online, don’t write about how to lose weight. Write something about making money online. These may seem like a no brainer, but many guest posters fail to submit an article that is appropriate to the content of the blog. Make sure that your post will be valuable to the readers of the blog. Don’t just focus on how the post will help promote your blog or your affiliate products. Offer something of value to the blog, and you will increase your chances of having your post accepted.
Submit Plagiarized Copy
It may be tempting to crib a few sentences or even a whole post and submit it as a guest blog. Or you may be tempted to submit one of the older posts from your old blog. Don’t. Blog authors are savvy enough to check your post against content-duplication checkers like Copyscape before they accept your post. Submitting previously published content (or content that is not your own) is a sure way to get your post rejected and to permanently damage your relationship with that blogger.
Submit Bad Writing
Quality content is key to the success of any website, and it’s the key to your guest posting success. Your writing should be interesting, engaging, and offer something of value to the reader. It should be free of misspellings, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. If possible, it should also be optimized for keyword usage in the blog’s niche. Quality content will help drive traffic to the site, which will, in turn, drive more traffic back to your own.
What are some of your tips for successful guest blogging? What other things should guest bloggers avoid? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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