Social Media Optimization Vs Coupon Discount Marketing Style

How optimized is your social media campaigns?

Let’s look at the nexus between coupon discount offers and an arm of social media marketing; optimization.

The popularity of social media networks and its transforming power cannot be over-emphasized. You need to get in before the speeding train leaves the station. What can you do to enhance your social presence, build successful marketing campaigns and profit without beating your head.
Coupon sites and social media marketting
Why Social Media Marketers Fail

When someone fails in a project, there are several factors that contribute to this but the major one is YOU. The information you need to excel will remain a secret until you discover how it works. That is why organized learning is paramount in your business. You can’t fold your arms and expect miracles to happen. But knowing a thing doesn’t make you successful, it’s the application of proven strategies that differentiates you.

How to Optimize For Social Media

The word “media” has to do with information, news and contents in general. And there are people interested in this information you’re passing to social media. These people have an urge; to connect, share, communicate and relate in a relaxed environment. I still see a lot of social media marketers trying to hard-sell their fans.

To optimize for social media efficiently, start by researching your market. This way, you would understand what problems they face, the recent events affecting such problems and how desperate your followers need solutions.

Here’s what I mean: if a blogger is looking to hire an SEO expert, the recent Google updates might have altered his view about Google ranking. Relevancy is now important than generic.

If he wants to build links, it’s better to build few relevant links than 100s of irrelevant backlinks from banned sites. Knowing your audience makes SMO blissful and that’s how to increase conversion rate.

The Coupon Discount Concept

I’ve seen tremendous impact of coupon codes on my niche blogs. The moment you give online shoppers the opportunity to save, your sales and engagement would triple. Coupon marketing has been seen from buyers’ perspective but it equally applies to social media.

If you’re to introduce any product or offer to your twitter fans, ensure you encourage savings. Saving isn’t limited to money, if they can access that information in less time; you’ve done a great job. I’ve used this strategies consistently on my niche blog which features mixbook discount code and snapfish discount coupon.

Start by making your site load faster than most sites out there. When someone comes to your site from search engine, referral sites or direct traffic, save their time and deliver on what you promised via your search engine result headlines. Offer free trials on your product and service to inspire engagement and make more sales.

SMO & Coupon Discount Takeaway

Applying coupon marketing strategies could help you boost conversion rate, encourage clients and consumers to patronize you consistently. Most social media marketers waste time in these networks, instead of investing and saving other people’s time.

But now, you know better. Go out there and put these coupon marketing tips to work. See you at the top!


Michael Chibuzor is a digital photographer and blogger. Read his review of Mixbook and use these coupons for Snapfish. With Mixbook and Snapfish you print online your favorite photos or create and share your photo books.