Selling via Social Media

People have begun using Social Media to market their businesses over the past two years. Social media has witnessed an exponential growth and is now the in thing among online marketers.

With the maturing of the Social media space and users, marketers would have to gradually shift from only relaying marketing speak on Social Media channels to actually engaging customers and converting them into sales.

The Social Media audience has matured and marketers would need to go the extra mile to make the listeners convert into sales. Number of followers and likes would not be the be the main criteria for marketing spend and metric tracking and sales would be the main drivers of the Social Marketing campaign.
Once you have built the initial trust with your audience and target market, you do need to test and tweak your social marketing strategy. Most of the campaigns fail as they only put emphasis on relaying sales messages which may not be of much use to the user in the long terms.
But this needs to be refines as most users are not there to buy and direct messages may put them off.

You can use the following steps to refine the campaign:

1. Testing the message

Before posting the message, you can use Google adwords to test out the messages whether it draws clicks and converts. If yes, it is good to go on the Social media space. This will ensure that the message is more focused on call to actions and can be shared.

2. Make the message go to the right audience and target.

Always keep in mind that you do not want to focus on all the users of twitter and Facebook but the niche audience which will be actually interested in the product.

3. Establish trust.

You need to establish trust and a relationship with your audience. You need to prove your worth. You can always give some stuff for free and then build a long terms customer base.

4. Participate with the Audience

Make your content social and keep the audience involved and engages with the brand. Have feedback forms, make them share, post and rate . This will make them part of the community and build bonds. Offer free sessions.

5. Convert

Once the entire base is laid down by the above steps, then try to gently coax them to convert by offering, suggesting and getting feedback. If they refuse, ask why so you know and are prepared for the next one and tomorrow.
Happy Selling!

Author: Kelly Jones writes for She writes for blogs as a hobby and enjoys exploring new avenues in the social sphere. Her interest encompasses a wide range of subjects ranging from technology to cooking and traveling.