Download Free ConTEXT Text editor

ConTEXT is a simple light weight text editor for Developers.It support all Important formats including C,C++,Python,PHP,HTML,CSS,Java,SQL and more.Size of this file is only 1.7MB.Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available.ConTEXT has not been developed for a long while. This is because ConTEXT was originally written using Delphi which requires a licence for users to develop with the components used.


Most of the Developers uses this software.PHP admin-Famous Youtube Tutor uses this product.Both portable and installer version is available for this software.


Unlimited Open Files:We can open unlimited files.There is no restriction.Same time we can code C or PHP or other languages.
Download latest ConTEXT Text Editor -We create 500 new files within a conTEXT single window.We can save our files in any format ,it support more than 50+ more programming languages.

Supported Languages

1. C#
2. C/C++
3. Delphi/Pascal
4. Java
5. Java Script
6. Visual Basic
7. Perl/CGI
8. HTML9.
9. CSS
10. SQL
11. FoxPro
12. 80×86 assembler
13. Python
14. PHP
15. Tcl/Tk
16. XML
17. Fortran
18. Foxpro
19. InnoSetup scripts

and more

Language support:Language mean “Human Languages”.It support more than 20 + languages including English,English,German,French,Croatian,Chinese,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Estonian.

Top bar consist ‘New’,’Open file’,’Print’,’Find text’ and available formats

ConTEXT-New features
Cascaded ,Horizontal and Verical windows availble,which make conTEXT more easy software for programmeres.We can customize margin,hightlight color ,windows etc..

Our Experience with conTEXT

I am a Enginnering student and am doing my Btech in Electronics and Communication Technology.1 year ago i was downloaded some tutorials of PHP form Youtube.From that Tutorials i saw this software.From that day,i have using this software.This software is simple and portable,both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available.This software has a red style.

Symbol and logos are beautiful and intersting.It allow fast typing.It support a numbers of formats ,but i used this software only for HTML,PHP languages.

It support macro’s ,a detailed information availble on “Help’ ( Help->Content) you can refer it for more details .It also include a powerful Command line handler .You can visit