CamStudio Recorder-Best Desktop Recorder for Windows

CamStudio Recorder is a perfect desktop recorder for Windows PC.We can use it to record yuotube or imdb videos.Imdb videos are difficult to download ,but same videos already available on Youtube.CamStudio recorder is more useful to bloggers and publishers.Using this software we can record our Desktop activies with audio and Video .We can edit this videos and can upload to Yotube.Flash and special formats are available.This software give a number of recording formats including xvid,avi,flash and microsft video formats.

CamStuido recorder has a beautiful and simple interface.We can select whole windows or a particular region by selecting Region menu.

Best Desktop Recorder for Windows-CamStudio Recorder
Option:From this menu we can selct Video ,Audio and cursor property.From video options we can select Video formats and can control it’s quality…Xvid mpeg 4 has best quality.

Audio option is used to test our Microphone and Speakers.We can record Audio from Microphone or From computer Speakers.

Cursor option :We can select different cursor and also different image’s as cursor.Cursor Highlight also available.

Effect:We can add watermark and captions to our recording Videos.

This is one best choice for those who want to record Desktop.Output quality is above avaerage.We can record Youtube videos with almost same quality.I record 1080p Youtube videos with good quality.In some format like Micosoft Video.Video and Audio will record seperately.We need a Video editor to join them.Xvid mpeg 4 format Video and Audio availble in a single file.

7chip rated 8 out of 10 to this software

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