Business automation is very vital. 

In today’s business world, you need speed and accuracy to succeed. 

The competition is growing by the second and if you’re not automating your business, most of your precious time would be lost in manual activities. 

Do you know that most multinational companies and credible companies online are automating?

Think about Google; the Holy Grail and how they’ve grown tremendously in the past. 

Most of their services are entirely hands-free. They’ve done the programmable work before; they’re simply enjoying the benefits now. In social media, you can automate a lot of things and I want to share 4 ways to automate.

1.   Email Marketing Series

When someone stumbles on your blog from Twitter or Facebook, do you’ve a landing page to connect with them? That’s the first thing you ought to do even before driving any traffic to your website. For blogger, we tend to drive social media traffic to our homepage and inner pages without thinking of email marketing.

Affiliate marketers are more inclined to building an email list than bloggers. But it’s a great way to automate your email series; share your valuable information with readers and have them trust you.

If you don’t build an email list today, you may live to regret it tomorrow because Google and other search engine are becoming savvier by the day. 

Email marketing is a form of business automation. It saves time, yields profit when properly done and could be used to generate ideas for your business.

2.    Automate Twitter Marketing

The main activities on twitter is tweeting, retweeting and reading. I know there are other things you can do at Twitter but these are the most important. But you can’t spend your whole day tweeting and mentioning people. You need a way to speed up the process without logging in all the time.

24 hours is barely enough to write quality articles on your blog, why waste it on Twitter. Simply automate your business by using some of the tools. 

These business automation tools are perfect for social media marketers because they’re actually created by internet marketers. They understand your ultimate goal (leads and income) and when you use their services, you’ll achieve greater success.

Automating tweets have helped my coupon blog that features free vmware coupons, Parallels coupon, raxco coupon etc. It’s proven to work for you.

3.    Automate Product Delivery

This type of business automation system encompasses several things. I’m talking about product delivery, payment processors and email follow-up. A lot of social media marketers still find it difficult to receive payments for their services.

Most of us who are not from United States or developed countries find it difficult to accept credit card. It was a thorn in the flesh before, but everything is working fine now
With proper research, business relationship and connection, you can always find help in this regard. 

Accepting payments online manually slows down business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media marketer or info product creator, use PayPal, 2checkout, etc to collect payment even while you sleep.

4.    Automate Social Bookmarking

You need links; quality and relevant links to achieve top ranking in major search engines. But you can automate the entire process by utilizing social bookmarking sites and tools available. Some of them are free while others charge a fee to bookmark and share your content across several portals. Link building services could cost you a fortune, but don’t lose hope. You’ll reap rewards later.

All in all, ensure you don’t neglect this. Building backlinks is important. Google still regard links pointing to a web page as the #2 ranking criteria. If you’ve quality contents on your blog or website, but no or few mediocre links, you won’t get anywhere.

Business automation that concerns social bookmarking should be taken seriously. I know it works if you give it a shot.

Business Automation Takeaway

I’m confident this post has clarified some issues concerning business automation. I’m giving you a wake-up call to become responsible for what happens in your blog, website and social media career. 

As you automate your business in the right way, the right leads would come and making money will no longer be a hassle. See you ahead!

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