Top 5 Strategies To Drive Targeted WebTraffic Using Business Cards

Do you need targeted traffic to your blog?

Well, I’m here to show you how business cards can do it.

You should’ve given your entire focus on this. Traffic generation is the most important thing to do when your business is online. Mastering this rare skill puts you in the winning team and this make your every move a success. With plenty of targeted traffic, you can make money by accident.

Yes you can. I like experimenting with affiliate offers – and each time I send the right eyeballs to a well-crafted sales page, the conversion rate usually skyrocket. A handful of buyers are offline, how do you drive them to your blog?

1. Plan Your Promotion Strategy

We’re talking about business cards and how they can drive the right traffic to your blog and website. The first thing is to plan your strategy. Research your market and pinpoint loopholes to penetrate the market.
Internet and business
Tens of viable channels may still exist in your niche that competitors are yet to discover. The earlier how grab it, the more sales and business deals you strike. Write down your goals in paper and work towards excellence.

If your every move isn’t towards excellence, you should pause and ask yourself a question. The world isn’t looking for “average” people or “average businesses.” The world (your buyers) is looking for excellent service, product and customer support.

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Choosing the right colors for your business card isn’t common sense; it takes knowledge about prospects, marketing and sales. It also stems from knowing what motivates people and which colors they welcome.

Blue and Orange are basically great colors. Virtually all the people I know love those colors. That doesn’t mean it’s the right colors for your business card. You should have a taste but don’t use contrasting colors or eye-popping colors that scare prospects away and makes reading war-like.

The colors of your business card have to depict your business theory. Why did you setup a business in the first place? As a rule of thumb in color selections, use one solid (blue, red, black, and green) and one light colors (yellow, white, pink, orange etc).

3. Print Your Website Link On The Reverse Side

This is very important. If you intended to have all your information on one side of a business card, that’s a total fluff. It wouldn’t look professional. The best cards have information on the reverse side.

After you’ve printed your name, position and duty (optional), contact address and telephone numbers, don’t add your website link to avoid crowded estate. Turn to the reverse side and print your link there with your email address. It’s like you’re utilizing this space for online contact details and it’s going to yield higher and better results.

When you hand-out your business cards, your recipient will gaze and flip to see if any information is left on the reverse side. Ironically, they might not call you, but they’re likely going to visit your blog; maybe for fun or whatever reason. All in all, you‘ve gotten them on your blog; it’s time to convert them into subscribers.

4. Don’t Leave Home Without Your Business Cards

At least every week, I meet new online entrepreneurs and business owners. But it baffles me when after the discussion, majority of these business owners do not have business cards or simply forgot it at home.

Don’t make that mistake. As you move about your daily business, visiting hours and even religious duties, have your business card in your wallet. You never can tell who is coming your way and maybe, your time for total financial exploits is come.

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5. Build Relationships From A Business Card

It’s not enough to exchange business cards with friends and colleagues; you need to build strong business relationships that transcend into sales. On the internet, it’s a wrong marketing practice to sell to strangers.

Off course you can sell to a first-time visitor but what’s the chance? These days, buyers are careful and very prudent with their money. They won’t relinquish their hard earned cash just because your sales page has 10 bulleted points of benefits.

There should be extra walk-through. Constant education and entertainment would make your readers and subscribers trust you. The money isn’t in the list, but in the relationship you’ve with your list.

I’ve seen marketers with 20,000 subscribers complain they aren’t making any sales. Whereas, another savvy email marketer had only 200 list members and makes $1,098 on a single email blast.

Business Card Recap

Yes, you can improve your business with a creative business card. If you’ve not been taking advantage of this marketing system, now is the ideal time to begin. t

The tips above would help you stay focused and well positioned for productivity. Go and implement the tips and share your success story. See you at the top!


Michael Chibuzor is a novel business coach and SEO content writer and shows you how to drive traffic to your blog. He offers Vista Print promotion codes (here) and Psprint coupons (here). Vista Print and Psprint are two leading online printing services for business cards, postcards, stickers, brochures, greeting cards and more.