The Best Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook

Facebook is the present’s time threshold which is used to measure the quality of your content and relevancy in the major of the search engines. It works by a simple rule: the more the number of Facebook ‘Likes’, the more you would position in the search engines rating.
People usually have two options. They can either like your respective blog directly on site or they can go to your fan page on Facebook and hit ‘like’ in there too. For this, you need your personal Facebook fan page, obviously.
So how to earn a good many likes on Facebook? Apart from the very obvious fact of focusing on good quality content, here are a few tips that would work equally well for this.

How to get more Facebook like in 2012Turn to your friends first

Having a whole list of friends on Facebook? So why not make the best use of them? Get them to ‘Like’ your stuff by sending out the links to everyone to have a look at your page. The chances are that if you happen to have a good set of friends, they would respond quite fast. This is also relevant in instances when you are starting something new and you need an added boost to your page. This is because the number of likes you have, the more number of fans you gain which in turn would highlight your social presence in the online world.

Be a part of related groups

This means have your presence marked in communities and groups that are very much similar to the niche you endorse. The task is to get the word out about you and your business, thus, there could be a no better way than to support others.

Effective marketing of your page
This may sound very clichéd but the fact is this is the only apt and effective to earn the most of likes. People need to be told that you have a Facebook fan page so advertise it everywhere that is all those places where you market your service or items. Business cards that you use should also have your page listed so that people know about it at the very instant they scan for your contact numbers and e-mail address. Plus, what else you can do is, add your Facebook URL as part of your e-mail signature so that everyone gets to know and associate it with your name as well.
For all those people, who are involved in the business of blog and articles they can too, try something new. This time do not link your stuff to your web but direct it towards your fan page. People would definitely like to get subscription from there and for that they will have to hit ’Like’ first.
Adding images and videos on an exclusive section of your page can do a great deal of benefit. By restricting it to only your fans, can sustain your fans. Updating content every now and then would also make it look like a very exclusive community, so more people would like to be a part of this ‘elite’ group.
Daniel K. Lebrun is from Exams King, He has been blogging from last 3 years, He is Professional Content Writer and also SEO guru, He is full with possessions of experience, and even more degrees, these days he is busy in BH0-012 Certifications. He gets pleasure from Blogging.