Smart Blogging Strategies: 5 Money Making Tips From A Designer Watch Dealer

Blogging can be lucrative if you know what works.

In light of this, I recently approached my friend (Joshua). He sells designer watches and runs an internet business. A lot of people started blogging just to make money, he said. But is that the right mindset to start with?

In this informative post, I want to show you the best strategies that actually work to make you money. If you’re not making money online already, what is the problem and how can you overcome this difficult huddle?

Blogging For Money, What’s That?

Are you one of those who started a blog just for the monetary reasons? For me, I think it’s too vague and generic. When someone says he wants to start a money making blog, I cling because it’s unrealistic. You can’t make money blogging, but you can earn money by selling products and services on your blog.

Waking up every morning and writing about the latest gadget won’t make you money, but when you refer your prospects to Amazon via your affiliate link, you earn commission when a sale is made. So, change your mind set about money making with blogs, it doesn’t work like that. The major reason why several bloggers are still broke is because they’ve neglected this fact.

Sell Your Skills For Money

Smart blogging tip 2012What if there were no affiliate programs, what else can you do?

Affiliate marketing is a great business model. But to succeed in this industry, you need an email list. Believe me, before you can make a substantial income from any affiliate program, your subscribers have to respond to your emails and buy from you. Most times, it’s even difficult to sell to them, let alone strangers.

There is a lot of eyebrows associated with affiliate products especially e-books and software. If you waste money on crappy products, who would you blame?

Sell your skills online. Can you write simple articles like the one you’re reading? What about search engine optimization, graphic designs etc. All these are skills that can make blogging lucrative when you offer them.

Advertise On Your Blog

Your blog is a billboard to a targeted group of people.

I told you that making money online with a blog is quite difficult compared to ebay and other business models. But if you’ve built a significant traffic and engaged your readers, using your blog as a billboard can yield some decent recurring income. I’m not talking about affiliate banners, I mean real advertisers that are willing and able to spend money.

On my coupon blog where I review coupon discounts and wewood watch coupon, advertising has been my #1 money making system. It can help you too. But first, build your blog and grow the daily traffic – it’s very important.

Recommend Software You Use

Another helpful way to make extra money online is via product recommendation. Yes, it’s not what you think at all. There should be proof that the product works. You can create a short video clip and upload to This could be an introductory excerpt of what the software is and how it works.

Did you build backlinks in a natural way using any software? Show the results you got and your current Google position.

Be honest in your software recommendation. Don’t be too positive; reveal the ugly aspect of the software also. At the end of the product review and recommendation, proffer a solution to the ugly side. You’ll make sales provided the right eyeballs read the review.

Make Money Takeaway

Quality content is still king. In order to attain long term financial success, don’t supplement quality content with spun articles. No matter the enticement from so-called internet marketing experts, don’t succumb to it.

Invest quality time and write your contents. Be real to your readers, locate a particular problem in their lives and challenge yourself to solving it. That’s how you can make legit money on the internet and build your web credibility easily. Take action today and move closer to your 2012 financial goals. See you ahead!


Michael Chibuzor is a business blogger who writes in growing blogs like He gives coupons for Diamonds USA and a shares Fossil deals. These Fossil coupons and Diamonds USA discounts can help you save on jewelry, watches, handbags and women’s apparel.