Blogging tip – readers as your source for ideas

As a blog writer we know the importance of being able to engage with our readers. And so we work hard to come up with posts that our readers like and our popularity as a blogger grows. And as we become popular we are expected to come up with great new posts every time. And that can be hard because fresh new ideas are hard to come up with on demand. In such a situation it helps to have sources for ideas that we can tap into every once is a while. And one source are the readers themselves.
If your blog gets a lot of comments then you can expect a few ideas for a whole new post to be in them. If you do find one you can build on the seed of an idea and write out a full post. In your post you can acknowledge the reader whose comments set of your train of thought for the new post. That will help consolidate your relationship with your readers as well.
If you are a writer you would likely enjoy reading as well and so reading up all the reader comments will be easy for you. But it can be less enjoyable moving from site to site looking for quality reader comments. Initially you will have to do some work identifying sites that have good reader comments on them. On your own site if there are reader comments you will be reading them as well, only thing is you may read them once and let it go, but some comment may trigger a thought when you re-read it so it is a good idea to read the quality comments again after some time has passed.
It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and you can expect to find ideas that get triggered by reader comments that you simply could not have come up with all on your own. I write a lot about digital scales and it is very enlightening to read forums with comments from the actual Linkusers of these products. If for example someone is having issues with locating a scale in a remote area, I plan to write a post on a wireless floor scale that can be moved around easily.

So the next time you are short of ideas, don’t streLinkss yourself and just get down to a good read.
Author bio : Mark Floyd has over 15 years experience in the digital scales industry. He has been a part of it, as better products have been launched over the years & have changed how weight is measured around the world. You can know more about floor scale, NTEP floor scale and other scales at his web site