Social Media Marketing Secrets – Grow Your Blog’s Popularity Fast

In this information age, you can’t do without socializing.

The basics of life are to share and communicate with like minds. Get to know others and accept them for who they are and not what they do. When it comes to marketing online, the same principle applies. How else can you communicate with your prospect if you don’t connect with them?

Are There Social Media Marketing Secrets?

Whatever you don’t know is your master. In the world of marketing, when you lack the necessary steps to grow your business, it means you’re yet to stumble upon those secrets. But in reality, there are no secrets to social media marketing.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

I’ve implemented these secrets on my blogs where I review French software, Panasonic Lumix digital cameras and shopping tips. You can use them too and reap great dividends.

In order to attain results, you first have to follow a path (avoid shortcuts).

Create Your Strategy First

There is nothing new under the sun. The only essential ingredient to dominating any marketing system is “creativity.” Just like driving targeted traffic to your blog, we all know the various ways to go about it.

But do you know you can make a mark by writing about a common topic in an uncommon way. Instead of approaching traffic generation from everyone’s point of view, simply create your own strategy and strike from there.

Majority of bloggers I know are pushy marketers. They have neglected the real meaning of “social” and are desperate for quick cash. Do you know that this urge to make money has created a new dimension of marketing your business to the right people?

As unscrupulous bloggers fake their social media campaigns, you’re simply positioning yourself to overthrow and deliver the right solution.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Don’t Be Afraid Of Competition

Everyone is using social media networks. The competition is growing by the day but that’s the sweet part of it. Without competition, you could wallow in skepticism as to the authenticity of your niche.

But when the competition is fierce, that’s when you blossom and excel beyond your widest thoughts. Instead of complaining and whining, use it as a stepping stone to your greatness. Competition makes people to think, create and develop new marketing systems. All you’ve to do is get situated in the right place, spy on your competitors, work smart and overshadow them.

Explore Loopholes and Profit

There are several angle you can target social media for huge profits. I’ve recently discovered a loophole and I got thinking. Why not share with others. A loophole is an opportunity that others are yet discover. It’s so fertile that once you give it a shot, success appears like a ghost.

What’s this loophole?

I call it “social media secret access.” Do you know that social media users are used to signing up and discovering new ways to connect and communicate? Come to think of it, you’ve joined over 3 social networking sites already. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There is a thought process going on. You didn’t register because you’ve free times. You’ve a motive, a well thought out plan and that’s to connect and share.

Here’s the Bomb: Don’t send your social media traffic to a sales page directly, these people are not ready to buy yet. But they are ready to join any promising network. Redirect them to your landing page, squeeze out their email address (vital) and follow up.

Or, create a membership site where you share quality information in your niche. I can guarantee you success if you don’t give up too soon. That’s what “social media secret access” entails.

Marketing Takeaway

Who says you can succeed with social media marketing? I guess they’ve told you a lie. From the above tips, I’m sure you’re good to excel without any prior networking knowledge. See you ahead.


Michael Chibuzor is a graphic designer and Freelance Writer. He contributes on a learn French software blog as the editor, where he shares free French lessons. In his spare time, he reviews point and shoot digital cameras like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 camera.