Inventive Features of Enterprise Software Engineering

Enterprise Software Engineering refers to the involvement of the developers as well as the complete process of developing the Enterprise Software.

The Enterprise Software Engineering services are provided by:
• BMC Software – A large scale reputed multinational company that specializes in Business Service Management Software. Its short term abbreviation is BSM.
• SAP AG – A Software Corporation that develops enterprise software that helps in the easy managing of the operations related to business purpose as well as customer relations.

• UC4 Software – This key area of development of this organization is the enterprise automatic solutions.
• Oracle– It focuses on the development of enterprise software products along with the creation of the marketing hardware systems
• Microsoft- It is responsible for the manufacturing, developing, supporting and licensing a wide array of products as well as services through different product divisions and all these are linked with computing.
• IBM – It develops computer hardware as well as software. The services that it offers comprise hosting services, infrastructure services and consulting services.
• ASG – It specializes in the development and selling of enterprise software to clients who are based abroad.
• QAD – It caters only to the manufacturing companies of the world and its service includes Enterprise Resource Planning Software.
• Redwood – Job scheduling software, report distribution software, business process automation and report management software.
• Adobe Systems – Creativity Software Products, development of multimedia with the recent inclusion rich internet application software development.
• CA Technologies – It provides support for the smooth operation of the software that runs in various environments such as, virtualized, mainframe, cloud and distributed environments.
• J Boss (Red Hat) – Specializes in free and open source software
• HP – Three types of software and these are IT management software, It Performance software and IT performance management software. Apart from this, it has in its offer cloud computing solutions, consulting services, educational service, software not as a product but as a service and support services.
The customer or the clients require to learn about the services offered by the developers and then opt for the service that suits them the best.

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