Manage your parent’s computer problems with these amazing Web Apps 
When you get habituated to using your parents’ desktop (or laptop), there is an inadvertent inclination towards enhanced learning. Seeing you gain expertise (even though apparently), there is an inclination for your parents. Their learning process may pose numerous queries to you.
Although they are not meant to be bothering, on several occasions you seem helpless. You may have only limited yourself to the applications you are familiar with. The concentrated knowledge can be sufficient to keep you hooked. You may not really want to get into the complexity and details of the numerous applications which can be linked to the computer directly or indirectly. The question can be any- like uploading photos to the Internet or the monitor turning blank.
But parents are meant to be always anxious. You can help yourself (and your parents) by getting acquainted to the following applications. You do not require too much technical skill(s) to work comfortably with these applications. But they can prove to be value-additions to your already existing knowledge of information technology and computing. Web-sites like Google’s Teach  ParentsTech can be amongst the many ways to ease your parents’ ever-growing concern about the technical world. They provide solutions to many queries.
1. Prism

Prism helps keep things simple and easy. It is potentially not limited to API’s. You do not have to install or uninstall any application. It may be a bit tedious to go through the process of installation (or vice-versa). Sometimes, the complexity increases with the multiple options displayed during the process. Your parents may not be familiar with the technicalities, leading to improper installation. Prism provides shortcuts. You can easily delete a Prism web app by deleting the shortcut. You need not run any virus scanner to remove the garbage from a third party program.

With Prism, you can save the number of clicks to reach the destination. Customization is easy here. The personal computer can open Facebook from the Start menu itself. While on Mac, use the dock to do the same. Icons can display information(s) like number of unread emails, etc. It also helps to keep your desktop clutter-free. Prism can be used for paying cell phone bill online. Prism can be used for Google’s various services including Reader, Analytics, Calender, and Docs.
2. Evernote

This one can be very good for keeping account of coupons, recipes, reminders, and many more things. This is quick and easy to access. If your parents have trouble remembering or re-collecting a name, this application can provide a platform for searching easily. It saves the effort of flipping through a massive pile of papers to try and get the desired word. Pictures of whiteboards or drawings also go well with the Evernote. The paid version lets you perform many functions like cheat sheets, etc.

You can also share one account to save on the expense. It can work well with voice notes, image notes, or text notes. However, it may not be suitable for storing critical data like and passwords. Something more dependable may be a better choice. The notes and brochures can be efficiently incorporated into Evernote. Generally, it is used for getting everything out of your head at one location which can be managed effortlessly.
3. 1Password

Password, as you know, is meant to be kept secure. The 1Password stores your identity information in one place. You can access the data from a single entry point. It can be used in managing your parents’ usernames and passwords. Alternately, you can also work with the settings to enable them use the application independently.

The 1Password can be used in combination with Dropbox, a cloud-based storage program. This will provide added advantage(s). It is a safe, easy and versatile application for handling your password anxiety. Primarily, you need to configure one master password. Thereafter, the application examines when you are visiting sites requiring passwords. The information is stored automatically. There is provision for time locks to keep the data protected while you’re away from it. Synchronization with iPhone can be done. Very easy to setup
4. Dropbox 
Dropbox for Windows
The Dropbox can be used to synchronize data across several devices. You can safely store your parents’ files in the cloud- based application. The data remains safe even in the probability of your system facing an unexpected crash or shut down. It is a good way for taking backups. Instant mobile viewing is an attractive feature with the Dropbox.
Sending large size files is easy. The built-in public link tool can be used to send the link (for the file) to the recipient, which can be downloaded according to convenience. Synchronizing passwords is also not an issue.
Join me-Free screen sharing

This application enables you to gain take control of the other person’s screen. When your mother gets obstructed while performing any task, instead of trying out your skills through telephonic conversation, you may be better equipped using the application. The application allows screen sharing from a browser with the help of a flash program. Although a foreign binary which can intrude into your data, it is supposedly not damaging.

Whatever be your choice, ensure that it resolves your problem particularly. It can be only natural for your parents to approach you when facing any problem. Due to their naive approach, it would only be good if they advance you for help. You can be their best mentor at this stage of learning.

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