Blogging,One of the best income source for students and others.My friend Rojish earn Rs:10000 per a month .So i want to share some tips and tricks behind this.

Am not a good blogger ,but i know some tricks related to this field.I want to say one serious matter,that is “My English is not so good.Please forget my mistakes”.

Blogging give money,so the competition also way is post good content continuously to keep your Ranking.

Some Tips;

Domain: Domain play an important role ,Domain must related to your your main topic,and it should be a common search term.For Example ,Everyone knew that Windows is a Microsoft Product.We can see that when we search “Windows” , Microsoft site placed in first.Then search “Windows 8” ,We can see that lot of other site ,not related to Microsoft , are listed.

Some example are

These are the first 3 site ,when we search “Windows 8 “.This result will change ,when Microsoft release there product.

So i want to say that ,Select a Domain ,Which is related to your topic.Select some new words for it.


Topic must be a new one.never wrote on old topic.Windows XP was a old operating system .If we wrote about this ,no one read this.So never select old topic .Select a new topic,check its scope in future.

Study about your Topic,the second and most important step after the selection.If you have better knowledge about your topic then you can present it in a simple manner,also you can replay on comments.

Replaying comments will improve the relation between you and your readers.Is they satisfies with your replays then they start to believing you.They can drive there friends to your site ,when relation become good.So study well,read lot about your topic.Reading other blogs improve your writing skills and also style of writing .

Writing /Language:

Better English skill will help to get many readers.English skill is very important.Readers are located in different countries.Improve your English writing skills by reading English stories ,By reading other blogs,article etc……..

Write your post in a simple manner.Use simple words and tell it like a story( or conversation manner) it will help to get more comments .

Font-Bold-Italics-Headings-Related links

Bold letter are important factor on SEO.So use bold letters.It had advantages and disadvantages.
bold letters are more visible than other letters,so readers look on bold letters and they skip reading.So never put on bold letters inside a big paragraph.Place it out side the paragraph.It help them to concentrate reading.

Heading , very important factor.Readers read heading and they skip the content.Because heading will give a small information of your content.So they read your heading and skip other.But we can’t avoid headings.

Place your back links inside a paragraph never placed it as separate .They will read your full content if you placed it inside the paragraphs .

As number of word increases,i mean line,readers will spend more time.If the content is very less,they spend less time,it increase your Bounce rate.It badly affect your ranking.So increase your length (Minimum length, Otherwise it become boring)

How to improve visitors number

1.Good content will drive more visitors to your blog.Content must be a new one and also a interesting one

2.Guest blogging:

I studied in 4 schools . 1 to 7 from church UPS, 8-10 from GVHS, 1-12 from St.Thomas HSS.
So i have a number of friends .I want related this to guest blogging.your blog is your first school,and other blogs are your remain schools.So you will get friends from your blog and also from other blogs.Guest blogging will make you popular,also more traffic.So start guest blogging.


Commenting give traffic and also improve your relations.I got many friends through commenting.Some of the are Ashan, Rojish etc…Commenting also help for guest blogging ,They will invite for Guest blogging if you are a good commenter.

Never comment like “Good blog”,”Nice blog,”keep rocking”.These are bad practice .Comments must related to posts and it should have 3 or more line.Otherwise admin author never look you.
So start good commenting.

4.Social site:

Link your sites with popular social sites like YouTube,Digg etc…Also use Sharing buttons

5.Related links and Popular posts :

This will help to drive from your site to your site.It increase your page loadings.Linkwithin used for related link with thumbnail.Try this also.Related link with out thumbnails.

I think it will help you.If it help join in our Facebook,Twitter etc…