SEO is important to get more visitors. It helps your site to index in Search Engine quickly. It also helps to get good rank in search engine.

Here are some basic tips which will help you to increase SEO knowledge:
Submit your site to best search engine – Google, Yahoo, Bing. You can check this post – How to submit your site to best Search Engine. Search Engine normally index a new website in a week or 2. So be patient.
Every Search Engine has tons of articles / pages. So it takes little time to add your link.

Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword is an important factor . Add all these according to content.
Every page must have a hyperlink. It helps Search Engine to follow the link of all pages.

A site map is a good thing for Search Engine. Visitors don’t use it often but its very important for Search Engine.
Try to use most of time text instead of images. Highlight all the important names, content with bold text. Google crawler fails to crawl text contained in images. Still you can add pictures related to your content & use “alt” attribute including descriptive words about the picture.
Careful about broken links. A blogger needs to confirm that all the articles have no error.
Add keywords related to your content. Add same keywords in meta section too. Otherwise, Google bot will assume the site as cheat or fraud.
Google Search Engine loves update blog. The more often you update your blog, the more higher chance to get good rank.
Finally link building is a good source to get rank in Google. Google loves to see lots of links coming from other sites. That is incoming link. You can tell your friends & other fellow bloggers to exchange link. But careful when you link exchange always look for same content.
If you know any other seo tips, please feel free to leave a comment

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