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This is a true story.100% true.I like this story.Am not a old blogger.I started my blog in 2010.I wrote lot,but never reached in top.Then i search lot of blogging tips.But all of them are not suitable for me ,because am a student,blogging every day is not suitable for me.One day i found this story.

If you want to be a good blogger you should read it.It is better than any blogging tips you learned….

Story of a good blogger:Read it……….

Timing and Blogging: My Personal Story

Just like with climbing, in blogging you need to know when to spring into action and when to sit back and bide your time.

There are a number of different ways timing plays a huge role in your blogging (and I’ll go through them in a series of future posts), but here I’m going to talk about timing and starting new blogs.

I’ve been blogging since 2003, and for the past few years I’ve wanted to start a blog about blogging. In fact, when my school semester ended at the end of 2009 for the Christmas holiday, I decided that it was a perfect time for me to start the blog. I had a lot of free time and I was super excited about it. I came up with a name for the blog, bought the domain, installed WordPress, got the blog looking the way I wanted it, got my RSS feed and email newsletter all set up, and wrote a few awesome posts.

But the blog never got beyond that point. I never publicized the blog and I never told anyone about it. I never got any comments, and nothing else ever happened. I aborted the mission before I’d even left the launch pad.

What happened? I realized that it just wasn’t a good time for me to start the blog. I was still in school and knew what I had to do in order to grow it at the pace I wanted. I also knew that I simple wouldn’t have that much time throughout the semester to work on it. If I started the blog then, I knew I’d eventually drop it.

Fast forward a year later to October 2010. I was about to graduate from school (I had actually already finished the required classes but hadn’t officially graduated yet). I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life except that I wanted to have a location independent business.

And then it hit me. “Hey! You’re not doing anything right now except being a climbing bum! Now is the PERFECT time to start that blog about blogging!”

And guess what? It was!

It took me a couple more weeks to come up with exactly how I wanted to approach the topic of blogging, to decide on a name, and to get everything set up. But then Blogging Bookshelf was born, I started blogging, and haven’t looked back since. It’s been absolutely fantastic, and I couldn’t have chosen a better time to start this blog.

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