Get More Traffic From Google Image Search.

Google provide “Google Image search“.Very useful search for students.But there is a problem for Publishers like bloggers/Site owners.Because People just see your Images and they never visit your site.Images display in a frame and not from your site/Blogs.
Image load in a frame and there is no redirection into the parent site.So there is no benefit for bloggers.This make your visitors length below 5 seconds (You can see it in the Statcounter)

Here we discuss about Some codes.That redirect your images in to your blog.Simple script you will be able to give more visibility to your site.So visitors can see your blog.

How to do?

For Bloggers
1.Design—>Edit HTML
Click on “Expand Widget Templates”//Not needed

2.Search </head>

Place this code above </head>

<script language=’Javascript’>
if(parent.location != self.location)

Use another code if above code fail

<script type=’text/JavaScript’>
if (parent.frames.length > 0)

How it work?: Watch this video: