Free port 80 on Windows 10 and Higher

I built an AMD system a few days ago, I used the same SSD which I used in the previous system. Initially, I had issues on Windows reactivation on the new device, I called Microsoft support and they advise to reinstall Windows 8.1, then upgrade to Windows 10. After that, i tried to reinstall everything. Ammps is now my favorite PHP….

How to increase Ryzen APUs dedicated graphics memory

Ryzen is an awesome processor from AMD. Recently they launched an APU version of Ryzen for both Mobile and Desktop segment. It made big momentum in Processor industry, Youtubers, Bloggers, Tech websites, Ryzen is everywhere. Because of this huge impact, I decided to go for AMD Ryzen 3 instead of Intel 8100. I bought AMD Ryzen 3 2200g in the first….

Docker Installtion

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu and LinuxMint

Docker is a virtual container for running web applications. It can used for other purposes, but mainly it used to run web applications. Popularity of docker is increasing in startup companies day by day. Docker will enable to get same environment for developers works remotely. I have used vagrant in my machines to run Ruby on rails applications on Windows…..

How to Install PHP 7, LAMP on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

PHP is a very popular language among web developers. WordPress, Drupal and so many popular CMSs and Frameworks run on PHP or LAMP. Every hosting providers provide LAMP or PHP support on shared hosting, and we know that Shared hosting are very cheap, this will make users to consider PHP based CMS and Frameworks than any other emerging languages, but….

How to take screenshot using Ruby and Watir gem

Ruby is a very popular language among web developers and companies, Newis developer prefer these languages among other languages. Ruby on Rails aka Rails, is Web development framework made further popularity for Ruby. In this tutorial we are using watir gem to take website screenshots. We use this gem to  take screenshots of a website before and after update. Many thing….

4 Android apps that can facilitate all students

As we live in a technologically advanced era, so nowadays, almost all teenagers and children carry a smart phone. The merits and demerits of carrying a smart phone in this age are a discussion for another time, in this article, let us discuss that how to convert a device that all students nowadays carry into device that can be helpful…..

How to Install Yosemite on Windows 10

Yosemite is a popular OS from Apple and Windows 10 from Microsoft. In this article we focus on How to Install Yosemite on Windows 10 using VMware workstation 11.  We also need OS X files and Unloker 2 for Workstation 11. Installation process is simple as shown in video. Just follow steps in the video.. Yosemite Note : If you….

How to check your Computer Hard disk for bad sectors and Hard Disk problems

Hard disk is one of the essential part of a computer, Operating system, Software and Personal data need space or storage. Hard disk provide space for all. There are many type of storage devices available in the market, Magnetic or Ordinary Hard disk, Solid state device. Scientist involve nano technologies to invent cheap and solid devices. Even though there are….

How to install Java 8 on Ubuntu 14.04

Java JDK 8 , Java JDK 1.8 , is an essential development kit for Computer programming. It required for many programming language and IDKs. For example, If you are a PHP developer and you need PHPStorm , a great tool for PHP, required JDK. In this tutorial we write about Java 8 installation steps. Windows users can download JDK from….